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The Fiftieth and Final Wonder: AURORA BOREALIS
If there is anything more mysteriously magnificent in the world than the Aurora Borealis, we haven’t discovered it yet. 
With this final handmade design, this wraps up my year-long challenge!! So proud to look back at all the work I’ve done, the focus I’ve found, and the fact that I actually stuck it out and completed my goal! What’s next?
Thanks so much for joining in on my adventure!
Stay tuned for Branding Wonders updates, and keep your eyes peeled for some Branding Wonders handmade prints… Coming soon! b a d c
The Forty-Ninth Wonder: Angel Falls
Or better known as Paradise Falls in the movie Up. I effing love that movie. b a d c
The Forty-Eighth Wonder: Mount Fuji
I imagine Japan is where all the magic happens in the world.  b a d c
The Forty-Seventh Wonder: Great Barrier Reef
I wanna scuba dive here soooo bad. Except sharks are terrifying. So I probably won’t. b a d c
The Forty-Sixth Wonder: Yellowstone
The Forty-Fifth Wonder: Victoria Falls
Number one of two waterfalls on this list. Otherwise known as “The Smoke that Thunders”, this waterfall straddles the border of Zambia and Zimbabwe. b a d c
The Forty-Fourth Wonder: Lake Baikal
Russia’s enorm-itanically giganti-large lake is over 5,000 feet deep and holds 20% of the world’s fresh water. More water than all five Great Lakes combined. Gotdamn!  b a d c
The Forty-Third Wonder: Amazon
OK, this place may be scarier than the deep ocean. No, but it is a jungle in there. Things will get hairy. b a d c
The Forty-Second Wonder: Mount Everest
Tallest mountain in the world. Sherpas. People freezing to death. ¡Dios mio! b a d c
The Forty-First Wonder: Rock of Gibraltar
A massive mountain in the sea with a labyrinth of tunnels dug out through it. Prettttyyyy cool! b a d c
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